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A Swiss garden: wonderful June days

Definitely a rose year, but unfortunately the fragrant flowers quickly faded due to the heat.
No matter, I enjoy everything to the fullest. With each passing year, I increasingly feel that my garden is slowly growing out of its infancy and growing up. The redesign and the felling of the willow pavilion really did the seat good, we enjoy the new expanse and perspective.
At the weekend we opened our garden to visitors, it wasn't quite as many as other years, but that left me more time to devote myself to the visitors and answer questions. At this point a warm moin, Moin to Steffi from Hamburg, a Servus to Michaela from Bavaria, to Sabrina from Lucerne and all the other enriching people who have visited and given us gifts. P.S Who was Franz and Fränzlebier from? Tasted great!

The 10-year-old white willow defines the middle of the garden, our protector, our shade, a habitat for bats, birds and all kinds of insects.

The garden bed season started in May and when it is not raining, somebody of us is actually always sleeping outside.

And sometimes you can keep a cool head there.

The new ash maple 'Flamingo' near the seat unfortunately had a few dry branches that I had to remove, three shoots remained. Since I want to pull it out in an umbrella shape and with multiple shoots, I am growing a few new branches from below. Let's see how the small tree develops.

The roses Mozart, Louise Odier and other wild or shrub roses

have bloomed profusely on the chestnut fence.

Likewise in the front yard … Sleeping Beauty Prince is already waiting.

The balcony got greener and greener …

… and the vegetables for a photo shoot in stylish

Pots made of a leather-like material.

I was able to harvest abundantly from the raised beds early and …

It is now too hot for salads and the second generation of vegetables in the raised beds consists of zucchini, peppers, chilli and carrots. And the two citrus trees (left kumquat, right calamondin orange) also like …

The rock pears were full of berries and are now preferred

approached by the birds, but the lowest are ours …

Since the wicker arch has been felled, the Perennial Blue must now do without support and as a shrub rose. She doesn't seem to mind. The new seat in the former children's sandpit is more provisional, it initially houses my plant depot, and in autumn we will tackle it properly. The garden house is still being put on hold, I am no longer sure whether we need it at all.

The Mozart Rose is becoming more magnificent every year, here it is already fading.

No matter which seat, the perspectives always lead into the countryside

and the neighboring houses are only visible from a few places.

In the front yard, the climbing rose Constance Spry

and the shrub rose Abraham Darby delivered a fragrance and flower show.

Almost like sleeping beauty at home 😉

the Gallicarose 'Violacea' was one of the first to bloom on the veranda.

It is actually a shrub rose, but after transplanting, I can no longer allocate as much space to it, so I now pull it as a climbing rose.

After redesigning the barbecue area last autumn, I also renewed the bed under the white willow. The grasses 'stipa tenuissima' enchant in the evening light. I combined them with 'Gaura lindheimeri', Allium sphaerocephalon 'and' Erigeron karvinskianus'

Everything still has to wax in a bit, but already looks very good.

Favorite place by the window – the wing chair. I won't give it away anytime soon.

… and in the evening we sit there and listen to the crickets chirping

June days are wonderful!

Kind regards


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