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Dear sparrows, we have to talk …

I have fed you in the cold winter and you raise your young in the nesting boxes and under the roof every year. In return, you search my many books meticulously for the boxwood borer and also take care of all the aphids on the roses,

which I am also very grateful for.

But now you're going too far!

I can't even leave my beautiful vegetables without a fleece cover for half an hour without tearing everything apart. With the ornamental apple tree, the ornamental cherry and the apple tree, you have destroyed all the blossoms and freshly sprouting leaves. The horned violets all have no flowers anymore and a lot of things that sprout freshly are flown to and chopped up in swarms.

The raised beds would be so nice to look at

if they weren't constantly covered under fleece * sigh *

Conclusion: In the garden there is always a give and take. Dear nature, please be patient so that I can look away at the right moment (and the sparrows come into view),

Kind regards


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