Protect Your House Decoration During Relocation: 5 Great Tips and Tricks

If you are moving to a new home or office location, you probably have an idea that a lot of your decoration items may be damaged. But fret not, removals and storage does not have to be dangerous. In this article, we will reveal many great tips and tricks on removals and storage that shall help make your move less stressful and without damages.

1. Get standard sized boxes.
First things first, gather as many boxes as you can. They should be of the same size so they can be easily piled. Removals and storage is much easier if you have a steady stack of boxes. When it comes to organizing items, the general rule is to put heavier items at the bottom. As you go up, the load of removals and storage items should go lighter.

2. Create a walkway.
Removal and storage rooms can get overcrowded with furniture and boxes. In this case, it is best to leave a small walkway between the boxes and furniture that you have stored. This space will allow you to navigate your removal and storage space without any struggle.

3. Use cushions.
If you have tons of boxes to pile, make sure you fill the boxes half-full. The remaining gaps and space should be packed with cushion to protect your items from damages. Removal and storage professionals recommend bubble wraps and crumpled newspapers as efficient padding.

4. Polish metal equipment and furniture.
Lawnmowers and some filing cabinets tend to rust over time. So when packing metal objects, be sure to polish them to make sure they are in their best appearance when you pull them out in your new location. Metal cleaning does not involve hefty brushing and polishing. Simply rub a clean cloth and some oil against the metal surface. This is enough to bring back that familiar shine from your metal equipment and furniture.

5. be cautious!
Most removal and storage facilities have sophisticated security systems. But this doesn’t mean you are 100 percent free from theft and damage. Therefore, it is extremely important to make your own safety measures. Valuable items such as jewelry and antiques should be hidden. Place them at the back part of the removal and storage facility where it is difficult to reach. Don’t forget to secure everything with a durable padlock. Another thing you need watch out for is the growth of mildew, especially on humid areas. What you want to do is place some plastic sheets on the floor, underneath the boxes. This will allow some air circulation and will keep mildew growth at a minimum. For more information about prices you may call removal professionals.

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