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Walnut Flooring: High quality flooring

The walnut floor is next to acacia, oak, beech, maple, birch, cherry and other varieties to the traditional types of floor coverings. The acquisition of this high quality material is particularly beneficial for homeowners who can enjoy permanently .

Parquet , including the walnut parquet is, in principle, quite expensive and high quality . Compared to laminate it, the luxury is execution, but is also much more sensitive and susceptible to scratches and dents. Parquet floor is room climate control and may renovated several times to be.

Walnut parquet floors and other
1883 received the American gramophone inventor Emil Berliner for a patent on his idea designed for hardwood floors . These floor coverings are suitable for use only in enclosed buildings and are used for decoration of the rooms.

The hardness of parquet flooring is generally used in Brinell specified. In addition to various species and their different shades distinguish the main types of wood flooring: solid hardwood , parquet flooring , solid wood floors , parquet and laminate parquet .

Solid hardwood floor is divided in turn into rod – Mosaic – Lam – and upright lamella parquet . Depending on the design chosen by you, whilst respecting the transfer to be considered. Some species are nailed , others taped , glued or clicked .

The parquet , also French parquet is called as the ‘ Queen of the parquet floors considered ‘. It stars, geometric patterns of diamonds and square plates glued to.

Parquet vs. Laminate
Laminate flooring consists of wood fibers and are melamine resin coated. This is to the floor from moisture protection. However, the joint water out. The installation of the laminate is in the same manner as parquet.

Parquet floors are more expensive and often of high quality as a laminate. By sanding and sealing them to renovated several times to be. Thus, parquet floor is a durable fabric, the room-temperature-regulating effect, but also much more sensitive than is laminate.

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