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with natural ingredients and balls


If the pre-Christmas season is contemplative – we are usually late again. Doesn’t matter: With this last minute idea you are still ready for the 1st Advent.

The best friend of all Advent decorators is definitely a large flat plate. With him I have been designing “Advent wreaths without wreath” for years. I only need four stately candles, a short walk through the garden or forest and a brisk pit stop at the weekly market. I don’t need a lot of skill, because I just put the purchases on my plate later.

This year I bought a new tablecloth with a Nordic look. The colors are gray, natural white, petrol and rust red. So go well with birch sticks and oak leaves from our trees in front of the window, thuja in blue and pine, silver sprayed pine cones and as the icing on the cake blue-purple thistles. To stuff it, I snip off the barbed wire flower from the balcony, but that shouldn’t be necessary anymore. Color-coordinated balls and I have everything I need.

Do not tie up, rather lay.

First I fix the candles as high as possible on the plate so that they stand as securely as possible. This can be done with wax or even better with adhesive from the florist. It is also important to me to emphasize that the candles should not only be wide, but also so high that they will not burn so far that the decorative materials could catch fire!

At the bottom I spread the coniferous green, then the oak leaves. The remaining ingredients are sprinkled in such a way that a natural, uneven look is created. You can always turn the plate. I’m done.

You can find out how I put together my Advent decoration as Video on Instagram, There I regularly post small video clips with tips under the hashtag #berlingartentipp on Instagram TV (IGTV). You can view the post here via the link, but I’m also happy if you click over. And, very clearly: Again, please leave your comments or questions here!

Click on all the photos to enlarge them.

Have a wonderful and hopefully really contemplative pre-Christmas time!

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